About Tori's



  • Aluminum-free & Paraben-free underarm deodorant for women that works! 
  • Tori's strives to raise awareness about the possible health hazards correlated with the use of many mainstream deodorants on the market today. 
  • Our motto is "Love Life". We help our customers to live with peace of mind knowing they are purchasing a product that not only helps their own health, but is made in the USA and gives back 2% of its profits to support Breast Cancer and Alzheimer's research as well.



Tori's began through the inspiration of my girlfriend, Tori.

I was concerned about the ingredients listed on her deodorant and that prompted me to do some research. I found that the options for women’s deodorant that were safe, effective and smelled good were limited. Women’s deodorant is either natural & ineffective or unhealthy & mainstream.  I decided to create a deodorant that closes that gap with a product that’s healthy, smells good and works!



Tori's is not an antiperspirant it is strictly a deodorant. 

The ingredients include:
Propylene Glycol - Organic compound of natural gas - makes the deodorizer effective
Sodium Stearate & Sodium Chloride - natural ingredients very similar to the compound of baking soda
Stearyl Alcohol




More Research on the health benefits of Tori's on our Research Page 


**Aluminum and parabens are believed by many to be linked to the development of cancerous breast tissue as well as Alzheimer's disease.



Proudly made in the USA